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junicorn helps founders, C-level and IROs build & extend an investor audience through digital media.
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IRO life can be tough

Struggling with ineffective investor relations?

Junicorn boosts your IR visibility by leveraging your existing investor relations efforts through digital media.

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Struggling with ineffective investor relations?

Struggling to capture investor attention?

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Unsure how to reach younger investors?

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Battling with low liquidity & trading volumes?

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Tired of conventional IR tools not showing visible results?

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Want to be perceived more digitally?

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Struggling with visibility of your IR expertise?

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Let the numbers speak for themselves

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Results after digital IR

Unlock your competitive IR advantage

Boost  investor awareness & visibility

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Rejuvinate your captable with younger shareholders

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Increase stock liquidity through increased interest

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Shorten conversion cycles from interest to investment

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Lead the IR industry with innovation through digital

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Build your IR brand & become a trusted authority


Start your content journey with as little as 1 hours per week

Discovery call

In this call, we'll talk about your pain points, objectives, providing you with some initial thoughts.
If we think we can help you we will make you an offer.

Strategy kickoff

We kick off the project with an in depth-workshop.This workshop lays the ground for your digital communication strategy always with the objective to optimize for investor conversion.

Content production

At the heart of our approach lays the content production process, that is optimised to leverage time of busy C-Level & IROs.

Our  content production process

Leverage your EXISTING IR content

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IR Website

IR Website

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Equity Story

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Through the power of digital media


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Success stories

It's not rocket science.
We helped our clients to increase investor visibility by up to 42%

"Ms Stoetzel possesses excellent specialist knowledge extending far  beyond the mainstream, which she always applies to our business processes in a most effective and beneficial manner."
"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Junicorn for your support after our listing. Thanks to the implementation of proven IR practices, we were able to quickly establish ourselves on the capital market with IR market standards. The use of LinkedIn also for capital market topics has helped us to quickly."
"The way of working was very structured, conscientious and responsible. The quality of the work was very good and all deadlines were complied."
“Excellent in-depth specialist knowledge even in peripheral fields, which she applied to our business processes.”
"I chose Junicorn for investor relations, and their expertise in digital PR exceeded expectations. Their professional approach and skill in transforming financial narratives make them highly recommended for elevating investor relations in the digital landscape."
"Thank you, Julia for the - as always- outstanding support."
"With Junicorn, we experienced a notable enhancement in our brand's visibility through well-crafted press releases, strategic positioning, and LinkedIn engagements. I would highly recommend Junicorn's services for any business looking to strengthen its digital & public relations footprint."
"Julia teaches in a practical way how you can market yourself professionally and gain more visibility on LinkedIn. Her way of working is very structured, customer-focused and proves a lot of in-depths knowledge."

Not your typical IR consultancy

IR consultancy run by IROs & creatives


Digital natives

As digital natives we understand our way around digital media. Yet we are fully trained capital markets professionals.


We  aim to deliver the highest value to our customers in the present. We stay hungry and remain innovative.

Pragmatic & hands-on

Our startup DNA is built on pragmatism and the power of getting projects off the ground FAST. We support you hands on as opposed to talk theory.
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Meet the founder: Julia Stoetzel

Capital market expert meets digital native.

- 14 years of experience in capital markets

- First at KPMG & investment banking at Morgan Stanley

- Then Head of Investor Relations at tech unicorn Delivery Hero (from listing to  DAX entrance)

- Head of Investor Relations & Communications at tech unicorn About You (IPO & IR setup)

- Modern IR approach earned  nominations for the Rising Star Award by IR Magazin and the German Investor Relations Awards in 2022

- Linkedin TopVoice 2024

A bit of bragging

Sometimes numbers explain things in a better way than words. Here is a some interesting data about me

Satisfaction rate
IPOs & M&A
Jazzed clients
Years of experience
3 bn+

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Regular free content for IROs via our media channels

Street Tweets podcast

Your capital markets podcast from and for capital market participants.

with Julia Stoetzel & Caroline Jabban
Street Tweets podcast is aiming to decode capital markets. insightful conversations with capital market experts with a modern twist. Fuelled with innovation & concepts straight from Berlin, we are aiming to create a powerful knowledge exchange on capital markets for pre IPO & listed companies to the capital. Join our audience of 2.000 professionals.

Street Tweets events

Your capital markets offline community.

Hosted by Gen Z & Y female IR & Capital Markets experts, Julia Stoetzel & Caroline Jabban, Street Tweets is more than a podcast. We are an online & offline community aimed to democratize knowledge in capital markets.

juniversity e-learning

Want to start small?
Check out our interactive e-learning on digital Investor Relations.

- IR & PR Online Courses of the Next Generation
- Online & mobile first
- International format in english language
- Snackable video content
- On demand to meet your timeline
- Community based


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