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Finance Reimagined: Diverse Voices, Fintech, and the Rise of Women Leaders

The world of finance, a vast sea of tradition and innovation, often presents a pressing question: Where does the voice of women find its place? Can they elevate from being mere whispers to becoming the strong, guiding forces that reshape the industry's future?

Dive into Episode 10 of the Street Tweets podcast where we seek answers with Solveig Rathenow, a beacon in the spheres of finance and journalism. Donning the cap of the head of the economics department at Business Insider, Solveig paints an articulate picture of women's roles, challenges, and the metamorphosis of the financial sector.

1. From Shadows to Spotlight: Gender Equality in Finance

Initiating her journey with a discerning eye, Solveig identified the stark absence of women experts in finance journalism. Fired up by this realization, she became an unwavering champion for gender balance in the realm of finance.

“...I noticed that it was the topic of founders that we have a leak as far as female founders go.”

By emphasizing this disparity, especially in the burgeoning fintech sector, Solveig draws attention to the urgent need for augmenting visibility and opportunities for women.

2. Rising Against the Tide: Women's Challenges and Opportunities

Bias. Unequal opportunities. The hurdles for women in finance are aplenty. Yet, these very challenges morph into unprecedented opportunities, beckoning fresh perspectives and groundbreaking innovations.

“ make these women much more visible...they really, once they were on our list, that they were then also partially picked up by other magazines…”

This highlights the snowball effect – when women gain visibility in one platform, it opens doors to wider recognition and representation.

3. Redefining Corporate Identities: Beyond CEOs

Gone are the days when a company's image hinged solely on its CEO. Today, the narrative is more inclusive, stressing the need for cohesive branding and messaging.

“The joke is, when the CEO leaves then the company just loses the big brand essence…”

Solveig's words reflect the pivotal role of diverse voices in sculpting and nurturing corporate identities.

4. The Dawn of Fintech: A Horizon of Possibilities

Promising to reshape the contours of the financial sector, fintech emerges as a hotbed of opportunities. Here, women don't just witness change; they partake, influence, and steer directions.

“This is a development that we will see over the next few years, that they will recognize it.”

The fintech revolution underscores the potential for embracing gender diversity and challenging age-old norms.

5. Millennials & Gen Z: Crafting Their Own Financial Chronicles

Driven by purpose and balance, the younger brigade of women in finance is recalibrating the scales, setting new benchmarks, and redefining their career trajectories.

“Company celebrations, which are now in the evening...Tonight is my evening, the next day is just the partner or the partner with the child care…”

Such reflections offer a glimpse into the evolving paradigms of work-life balance and the aspirations women harbor in their financial careers.


Solveig Rathenow's candid revelations serve as a guiding star, urging for a blend of equality, diversity, and innovation in the world of finance. As we navigate the intricate terrain of this sector, it's essential to champion inclusivity, recognizing that an ensemble of diverse voices will illuminate the path to a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.


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