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Our AI-powered chatbot enables human-like conversation, providing you with relevant investment information based solely on the published data available on your IR homepage. Yes, that means all data: press releases, reports, videos, presentations, public interviews. 

junicorn.pilot presents this information in a snackable format, allowing you (potential) investor to make informed investment decisions quickly and on demand, leading to increased accuracy in investment decisions and higher turnover from retail investors. Re-gain your own narrative and start taking action. 

Our GPT-based system combines the best of both worlds by using available data, while also ensuring that your input data is not fed back to the AI, protecting your privacy. We take data security seriously, with our secure data infrastructure storing your information in Germany and keeping it confidential at all times. With our platform, you can have peace of mind when dealing with sensitive financial information. Safety first.

junicorn.pilot is aiding you to get you the valuation & liquidity you deserve. 


If you are interested to see a demo and be part of our beta group sign up right here:

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